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Conference organizers—what do you need?

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  1. BulletJump-start your conference with a keynote by Paula.

  2. Bullet Dig into details with breakout sessions.

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“I truly think this was our best conference ever, and much of the credit for that goes to you.

I’ve heard nothing but songs of praise for your presentation and consultations.”

                                                                ~ Sandy Asher, Founder

                                                                Drury College Writing for Children Workshop

Paula can tailor a new keynote to your specific conference theme.

Or you may choose one of the following popular keynote topics.



  1. Bullet Magic and Myth

Writing for children can be magic, a good kind of magic. But there are a lot of myths floating around to mislead hopeful writers. This rumor roundup takes a good look at conventional wisdom to see what's true and what's wishful thinking.


  1. Bullet Good Versus Great

We all dream of penning great literature, the kind that wins awards and lives forever. The majority of what's published, however, is more workmanlike than wondrous. This presentation uses actual examples to examine the qualities that lift a manuscript above the ordinary.



  1. Bullet How and Why: Writing for the Magazine Market

How does an aspiring writer break into this market? And why would a serious writer want to write for magazines, anyway? This talk offers a helpful overview for writers who would love to publish often in a variety of children's magazines.


  1. Bullet Toddlers and School Kids and Teens, Oh My!

Children come in all sizes and shapes and ages, with a multitude of interests and abilities. Audience targeting can seem like a mystifying maze. This overview will help a children's writer navigate through the confusion, identify a favorite age, and craft a manuscript to suit his or her best audience.


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