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Paula Morrow

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Whatever stage or level your manuscript may be,

I can help you make it better!

My critiques and editorial services are completely personalized, so I ask that you query first.

  1. Bullet What are you working on?
  2. Bullet What are your goals for your manuscript?

  3. Bullet Where are you now and where you want to be?

I’ll help you get from one to the other!

Your instruction and guidance helped me get the contract for

A Prophecy Forgotten. I can’t thank you enough.

         All the best,

         M. B. Weston, Author, The Elysian Chronicles trilogy

I start by carefully reading a sample of your manuscript. Then I’ll send you a proposal detailing:

  1. Bullet what I can do to help you reach your goal;

  2. Bullet a fee based on my assessment of the sample;

  3. Bullet a timetable for the project.

There is no reading fee and no obligation to continue. Email me a short description of your project and goals, and I’ll tell you what to send as your sample.

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