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Does your writing group or children's writers organization need a hands-on workshop for an upcoming meeting or conference? Call on Paula!

  1. Bullet All workshops are interactive.

  2. Bullet Each attendee will have a chance for personal participation.

  3. Bullet Questions are answered as we work together.

  4. Bullet Workshop attendees receive FREE follow-up email consultation.

Mona, Paula, and Joyce take a break from examining sample copies of children’s magazines during a New Hampshire workshop on market research.

Workshop lengths vary and may be arranged from three hours to two days, depending on how much individual writing for immediate feedback the group wants to include.

Workshop topics make great breakout sessions for conferences, too. Between general lectures, offer your attendees a small-group gathering to explore a specific area of writing for children in a friendly, interactive atmosphere.

"Thank you again for the great workshop you presented in Kansas City. Newcomers and

experienced writers alike all said they came away with something new and beneficial."

                                                                ~ Colleen Cook, Events Coordinator

                                                                Juvenile Writers of Kansas City

Paula can tailor a new workshop to your specific conference theme.

Or you may choose one of the following popular workshop topics.

  1. Bullet Going Beyond the Guidelines

Notice that this topic isn't "Getting Around the Guidelines." You go beyond by going through. This workshop first covers how to get the maximum benefit from guidelines themselves, then discusses how to go beyond them in fine-tuning your submissions to your chosen markets.

  1. Bullet Market Research

The key to being published is to match each manuscript to just the right publisher. In this workshop you'll handle sample copies, peruse publishers' catalogs, and learn how to study specific markets.

"For years I have heard circulation statistics on magazines, but for the very first time, your

talk really drove the point home. I gasped at my own realization of what should have been

obvious years ago."

                                                                ~ Mary Peace Finley, Regional Advisor

                                                                SCBWI Rocky Mountain Chapter

  1. Bullet What Is Age Appropriate?

Many unsolicited manuscripts are rejected because they're not for the age range the writers think they're targeting. "Know your audience" may be a cliche, but it's an essential one! Take this workshop for an introduction to child development as it relates to writing for children.


Paula and Bob stay in touch with the picture-book audience

during a National Library Week storytime at a library in Illinois.

  1. Bullet Point of View

What on earth is that? Point of view seems to trip more aspiring writers than any other single feature of writing for children. Learn the classic choices for POV, then experiment with writing in the viewpoint(s) of your choice and receive feedback during the workshop.

  1. Bullet Grammatically Speaking

Words are the building blocks of a writer's trade, and grammar is the mortar that holds them together. Learn to spot signs of a shaky foundation, correct common flaws, and use the right tools to strengthen your work.

  1. Bullet Covers, Queries, and Proposals

Your manuscript is ready to submit--but you have pre-submission jitters. How can you present your masterpiece to its best advantage? This hands-on workshop helps you craft the perfect letter for presenting your perfect manuscript.

"Thank you one more time. We had writers of every level at that program and every single

one of us learned something."

                                                                ~ Kim Hutmacher, Network Representative

                                                                SCBWI Illinois, Springfield Network

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