Sample Poems

Assignment: toddler getting into bathtub

Rub-a-dub-dub, here's a duck for my tub,
And motorboats, one, two, three;
A whale, a fish,
a floating soap dish—
But where is there room for me?

Assignment: toddler getting out of bathtub

It’s time to get dry, so wrap me up tight
In a fluffy blue towel till I’m out of sight.
My cozy cocoon will hide me from you . . .
Until I pop out and shout “Peekaboo!”

Assignment: define "true bug" (order of insects with piercing and sucking mouth parts)

Aren't all bugs bugs? Well, no, not quite.
Some insects sting, some insects bite,
But the thing that makes a true bug true
Is the tube he uses to pierce you.
He pokes his long beak through your skin,
Then sucks a liquid dinner in. 
Or maybe he just dines on plants, 
Or other insects, if a chance 
To catch one comes along. I'd say
True bug's a true pest, either way!

Assignment: preschool poem to accompany nonfiction article about bees

The honey drip-dripped from a honeybee tree.
Along came a bear, as hungry as can be.
He sniffed that honey, and it smelled so sweet,
He thought he'd found a treat to eat.
But the bees buzz-buzzed, "Bear, go away!
Don't you steal our honey today!"